About Us


 Top Aid provides Virtual Personal Assistants to save our clients time and money by carrying out tasks online.

Our approach involves:

  • Understanding each customer’s specific requirements and their end objective.
  • Aligning our most suitable VPA to each customer.
  • Regular customer contact at agreed intervals.

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Our customer like us because:

  • The low cost of using our VPA’s.
  • Our initial personalised assessment ensures Top Aid understands each customer’ specific requirements.
  • Top Aid provides dedicated VPA’s. This ensures your VPA is totally across your specific needs at all times.
  • Top Aid is focused on providing our VPA service to individual clients and small business. Our VPA’s understand that people like to be treated as individuals and not numbers in a data base.

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Our Story

Top Aid is a new business bringing together a young vibrant team of professionals, primarily from the IT area, who see the enormous potential technology and cost-effective labour rates offer in the Virtual Personal Assistant area. Top Aid is currently primarily focused on providing service to Australian clients using VPA’s stationed off shore. As the VPA service industry expands Top Aid will be across all developments and will provide expanded service offerings to its clients as the industry matures.

Meet the Team

Top Aid is made up of a team of dedicated Virtual Personal Assistants waiting to assist you. Here are some of our staff that you will be working with.


Ivy is a skilled VPA who will work tirelessly to complete her task. During her spare time she loves reading books and spending time with family and friends. She will be vigilant in keeping track of her account responsibilities and can be relied upon to be on top of communications between parties.


Ashreen is a fun-loving girl who enjoys working at Top Aid. She is determined to follow through every detail to ensure customer satisfaction. In her spare time Ashreen enjoys listening to music and watching her favorite TV shows. Ashreen also loves hanging out with friends and discussing the future.



Marijoy is one of Top Aid’s most experienced assistants. Marijoy also specialises in helping our clients build personal web sites and manages all their online needs.Marijoy takes pride in her ability to foresee tasks that need to be completed in sequence. During her spare time Marijoy love talking, eating and texting with her friends.

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